Meal Planning

We used to shop every week, and it started to become a chore. After purchasing Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals book, I decided to sit down and start meal planning.

I now sit down with a cuppa, and wright down 14 meals to cover dinner for the next two weeks. From this, I then wright a shopping list based upon the amount of Chicken, Mince Meat, Veg, Fruit, Pasta etc is needed. This allows for no waste, and makes sure we maximise each product.

This technique means that between 2 of us, (including luxury items like Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s) our bill comes to around £70/£80 shopping via the Morrisons App with Home delivery.

We always add a few sweets and chocolate, but by planning out the food, it means we have cut down the impulsive purchases we used to make whilst we pushed a trolley around the supermarket.

You can simply download and print my 2 week meal planning guide for free here: MealPlan or alternatively save the image below, and make notes on an iPad like i do 🙂

Hope this helps, as much as it helps us 🙂

Any comments or ideas, get in touch!

Lots of love, Hannah x

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