Our Sofa

I get a lot of questions every time I post a photo of our Sofa about where we bought it from. So I thought I explain the full details here of how we found our perfect sofa.

Our journey looking for our sofa began as soon as our offer had been accepted on our home. We started in all the major retailers, wondering around looking at different styles, getting a feel for what we did and did not like. It became a repetitive search, aimlessly walking up and down the showrooms at sofa’s that were uninspiring and not what we were looking for.

The problem I have, is searching for the ‘perfect’ item, once I start to imagine it. Then nothing else seems to be quite right. Together we would either like the style, but not the feel or it would be really comfy but the choice of fabrics were not our style.

I really wanted a ‘cuddle’ sofa, but the problem we had with the chain retailers were that, when we liked the ‘3’ seater it only came with a ‘2’ seater etc etc. Due to the size and layout of our living room, it meant nothing was the right size for the room…either too small or too big.

This made us rethink our options, and led us to an old fashioned upholstery maker. We visited their show room which was full of ‘old fashioned’ sofa’s but you could instantly tell the quality of the wooden frames and cushions used. I remember there being one sofa style, that was similar to ours, and I spoke to the man and we changed a few aspects, changed the sizes, fabrics, took away side cushions….and voila we had our sofa.

At the time crushed velvet had just started to creep in, but I knew we needed to choose a hard wearing fabric that would not only last the test of time, but also see out any fashion trends. (Although I love crushed velvet!!!) There was 1000’s of fabric swatches to choose from and eventually we choose a Steel Grey soft fabric from the Hotel Collection (meaning it with stands a lot of general wear and tear!) We also choose from a large range of feet for the sofa, and decided on long chrome bars to add to the ‘modern’ feel we were going for.

We choose our measurements to the mm, ensuring they were the perfect fit for our living room and agreed a price and time frame.

Our sofa’s took around 6 weeks to be made. (I even popped in, and could see them making them!) Our sofa’s cost just over £800 for the two, and because of the quality frame, they can just be reupholstered when we fancy a change of fabrics 🙂

The company are based in Stourbridge in the West Midlands. Here is the link to their website: http://www.sofastyleupholstery.co.uk/home/2606067 (don’t be fooled by their ‘outdated’ appearance, as you can have absolutely anything you can think of made!)

I couldn’t be happier with our first large purchase for our home, and I hope this brings a little insight into always considering other alternatives to big chain stores. It also helps supports small local businesses that have been around for generations.

Lots of Love, Hannah x

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