Planning the Big Day!

So it’s been a year to the day since we booked our  Wedding Venue, therefore I thought it felt fitting to let you all in on the tips, advice and how someone already in the Wedding Industry has planned their Wedding Day!

The start of all my wedding plans begin with a cuppa! (Mug from Etsy.)

(A little back story to explain….My family run a Wedding Car business and since the age of 16 I began Venue Dressing, so through out the years I have been to nearly every Wedding Venue within the Midlands, and seen countless of seasons of Wedding Fayres. Then at 21 I started my business, and now run a successful online shop providing all the little extras and finishing touches for a wedding).

I’ve lived every day in the magic of everyone else’s Wedding Plans, colour schemes and unique ideas…therefore when it came to my own, there wasn’t a venue that stood out, and there wasn’t a colour scheme I loved. We actually got engaged in 2014, but we both agreed we would save and buy a home together first, as we both felt this was our priority.

After purchasing our home in 2016, later in the year I started to look around at Wedding Venues, but still nothing jumped out, for what I was looking for.

Then over the Christmas period where the days become hazy between New Year, I started to write down what I was looking for…Dog Friendly, Small Intimate, 5* Accommodation, and be a little bit special. (I’ve written an in depth post here about our venue!)

Han’s Tip No. 1 – Write down what you really want from your Venue! Is it to hold lots Family, Budget Friendly, Unique, Luxury? Everyone is different, and don’t feel like it has to be similar to the next family members.

My pup comes to work with me, so there would be no chance she would be staying behind on our wedding day. By choosing this, it meant we had to make the sacrifice of not choosing a large venue to invite everyone. However I knew the more invited, inevitably meant more problems along the way.

We have only Parents and Siblings (and OH’s) attending, I can honestly say although initially sad not to invite grandparents….they were totally onboard with it and say they don’t blame us!! Phew 🙂

Han’s Tip No. 2 – Stick to what YOU both want! You always here everyone say it, but the day really is about both of you. You don’t want to look back in spite because you have had to invite someone, or had have a certain venue.

So we kind of did this part backwards, but it works for us. We didn’t set ‘X’ amount to spend on a Wedding, instead booked everything and paid off each section along the way.

(We like to make things extra hard, by making home improvements along the way lol!!)

We made an excel sheet, where we entered the category (e.g. Photographer) and had a section for deposit and remaining balance, and entered the numbers accordingly as they were paid. This allowed us to see our spending, and see what we could purchase next or pay off in full.

Han’s Tip No. 3 – Make a budget sheet!

(I made a quick budget planner on the iPad, and made sure it was updated weekly!)

I think we are all a little guilty for striving for absolute perfection, when we have pondered over endless Pinterest images and insta pics for what seems like a lifetime in the build up to the big day. However take designated time to make sure the essentials are in place, then whatever happens with things out of your control, let them be…don’t get hung up about what so and so thinks, and hey if it rains, grab a colourful umbrella and dance in the rain!

Han’s Tip no.4 – Enjoy every minute, evening the planning! 🙂

(I totally live by Disney Aladdin’s quote – Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories)

Just 29 days until our big day, and I really can’t wait!! All the planning and prep is done, only thing left to do is pack for honeymoon *happy dance!*

Once we are back, I can’t wait to share all our photos and the vendors we used. I can’t thank them enough as they have all been amazing so far, sharing my laid back and relaxed approach.


Hannah x

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